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Game Tic Tac Toe and Mill


Game Tic Tac Toe and Mill from Corian

A game for the ages that is a joy to look at and touch. Great design and craftsmanship. Reversible board and pieces for the games Tic Tac Toe and Mill made of the solid surface material Corian. Practically indestructible. Made in Germany.

The product is produced especially for you. Delivery time approx 4-6 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

Fortunaltey, the installation is super easy. You simply open the file we send you on an Apple device. Once it is opened you can save it as a theme that can be used in the future. A step-by-step instruction is also included in the file.

Yes, of course. Each purchase comes with the license for the use with one Apple-ID. If you have multiple devices associated with the ID, you can use it on all the devices.

The activation process is registered using blockchain technology integrated into the theme. Please stay fair and do not activate on more than one Apple-ID.

If you work as a general dentist or orthodontist, the light versions are good for you. They provide you with all the diagnostic tools you need, along with some case images to explain treatments. As there are not so many templates the working process is also very easy.

The full-version is recommended for doctors who want to really bring their office forward and provide high-end treatments. It comes with a lot of templates for all kinds of clinical procedures and answers to common questions. E.g. the preparation for veneers is shown with a real case so that you can explain why it is necessary and the patient can see that it is really minimally invasive.

Yes. Like with all other professional things you perform on or with your patients, you can charge them for it. From our own experience we can tell you that this is absolutely accepted by the patients, as you created a great extra value for them. We used this tool for years with all our new patients.

We offer the product in the form in which we use it every day. It is the result of years of our own use and feedback from colleagues we have given it to. From our point of view, it covers most of what we encounter on a daily basis. But not everything. You are welcome to use our file as a starting point and individualize it. This is not a problem for us, we are happy about it. We also welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Finally, a perfect tool for patient-centered education, instruction and risk analysis. It facilitates doctor-patient communication immensely and sets new standards with its perfectly documented case examples. Bravo!

Dr. Beate MahlDentist

I am totally thrilled with the keynote theme. The consultation is fluid and fast. Patients appreciate the individuality and enjoy illustrations and case studies. Innovative technologies engage patients.

Dr. Johannes BeiterDentist, Oral surgeon

I have directly used the full version. A great product. Finally a consulting tool that fully satisfies my needs both functionally and aesthetically. Super fair too, because no annoying subscription model.

Dr. Stefan SchultheisDentist

Perfect! Finally a tool that contains exactly what you need for a good consultation. With just a few clicks, you can carry out a patient-oriented and individual consultation and give it to the patient directly afterwards. Many thanks for this!

Dr. Maximilian WirschingDentist


We love high-quality dentistry. The prerequisite for being able to perform great treatments is the patient's acceptance of the treatment proposal. Our products enable you to consult your patients in a way you never thought possible and to do it with exactly the amount of effort you want to invest. On top of that our themes are great to look at and fun to use. 

The story behind our products


Consult your patients professionally. Do more of the dentistry you love and grow your business at the same time.

Streamlined for success

We know what you need as we need it ourselves. All our products were developed and streamlined so that you have the maximum effect with minimal hassle.

No hidden costs

No hidden fees. No subscriptions. You simply get what you pay for. Easy and fair.